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Want to help planters and young pastors? We want to invest in you as you invest in others.

Let’s be honest. You didn’t get into ministry to lead meetings, build buildings, or manage budgets. You’re in it to see lives transformed, disciples multiplied, and God’s Kingdom expanded. When it comes to a Kingdom “return on investment” of your time and resources, few things compare to the impact of investing in committed church planters and young pastors. That’s what Paul did. He invested in leaders who invested in others (who invested in others), setting in motion a legacy that exceeds our ability to quantify. 

We get it. You’re busy. You’re already giving so much to so many. That’s why, if God is calling you to multiply your Kingdom influence by investing in the next generation of church leaders or planting churches, we want to help. We have sustainable systems and resources that will take the pressure off to help you get started (or to bring scalable structure to what you’re already doing). But when it comes down to it, we don’t just have a “product” to offer. We are people who want to be on the journey with you. 

We believe that the missing pieces of our current church planting and church leadership models are spiritual fathers and mothers who say “Let’s do it!” rather than “Go do it!” to church planters and young pastors. They don’t need more information. They need wise, experienced pastors who are willing to be hero makers for the next generation of church leaders…who will go on the journey with them…and who will offer their shoulders for the next generation to stand on. It’s the only way that the Church will get bigger, better, and stronger. What if church planters today didn’t need to start from scratch? What if they could start with a spiritual inheritance?

Pastors Kyle and Jess Hammond's Story

Right out of the gate as church planters we had a spiritual father and mother in our corner. Now we get to do what others have done for us.
Kyle and Jess Hammond, Lead Pastors Adventure Church | Columbus, OH

We Want To Invest In You
As You Invest In Others

Maybe you had a spiritual father or mother help you on your journey. Maybe you wish you did. It’s not too late. We want to invest in you as you invest in others. If this resonates with you, we’d love to talk. Perhaps it’s a “God connection” and the answer to all of our prayers. Click the button below and we’ll set something up.

Pastor Jason and Lisa Dickenson's Story

“Being Spiritual Fathers and Mothers is our sweet spot. This is who we are.”
- Jason and Lisa Dickenson, Lead Pastors Harvest Church Albuquerque, NM

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