Why 415?

“You have many teachers, but you don’t have many fathers.”

1 Corinthians 4:15

We think that’s just as true today as it was when the Apostle Paul wrote it. It’s time to do something about it.

There are a lot of people who want to tell you what they think you should do from a distance (teachers), but VERY few who are willing to mentor you on your journey for the long haul (fathers & mothers). 415 Leaders helps you connect to seasoned leaders whose success is for you to succeed and equips you to multiply your influence by doing the same for others. We are multiplying spiritual fathers and mothers to multiply churches.

We see the effects of fatherlessness in society. What are the effects of fatherlessness in the Church?

How 415 Works

Here’s What We Know

Planting or pastoring a church is challenging. As a pastor or church planter, you are a visionary, a communicator, a teacher, a coach, a team-builder, a discipler-maker, a business-leader, a fundraiser, a gathering-producer, a counselor, a networker, and a whole host of other things. It’s not for the faint of heart. And it’s not something that you should do alone. Pastoring will always be challenging, but it is a lot easier if you have an experienced pastor on the journey with you. 

We need to increase our current church planting rates. In order to keep up with population growth and the rate of church closures, we need to double, or ideally, triple, our current church planting rates in the United States. Even with all the great church planting initiatives we have today, at our current pace, we are losing ground. New churches are the most effective way to reach new people, and the most effective way to plant new churches is for existing churches to launch them (with the support of networks). 

There’s lots of great information available, but few spiritual fathers and mothers. We live in the information age. You can google almost any challenge you face as a pastor to get an answer. But you can’t google a relationship. Information is essential but incomplete. Most of the structures we have for ministry relationships today help with the “what, how, where and when” of pastoring…but what about the “who”? Who is on the journey with you for the long-haul? Who is consistently investing in your health as a pastor, the health of your marriage, and the health of your church? Who is investing everything they have into you so that their ceiling is your floor?

Who Are You Investing In?

We believe that for you to be a healthy pastor, you need a spiritual family.

Healthy pastors come from healthy spiritual families.

Healthy churches are led by healthy pastors.

Healthy church plants are launched from healthy churches.

We are a community of multiplying spiritual fathers and mothers.

We are investing all we are into pastors who are doing the same for others.

We are developing scalable systems, tools, and resources to make it all possible.

We would love for you to join us.